Making Our Way To Becoming Your Top Agency

The Next Generation of the Marketing is in Our DNA

We are an Advertising and Marketing brand with expertise in website development, graphic design, and digital marketing. Indigo Advertising and Marketing is a brand constituting Young Hungry Team Members with the expertise and diligence needed for a successful campaign. We started as a two-women agency. And now we are a 7 women-2 men agency. We have worked with brands in various industries among which you will find brands in logistics, real estate, FMCG, power, construction, healthcare.

A Team Scattered Across The Globe

We are currently a team of 10 within Ghana, Nigeria & India. We work remotely and use our office as and when required. This is to ensure that employment and team growth is centered on skill & capacity and not location.

Our goal is to be the biggest employer hub for creativity within our industry in Africa, Asia, and any other continent with the sole aim of putting strong diversified teams together to achieve marketing that will ensure success for all brands we ever have the privilege of managing. We will achieve this by building a creative and inclusive community with a culture of knowledge and innovation. Currently, we have 3 teammates in Nigeria, 7 in Ghana, and auxiliary team support in India.

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