What We Do

Website and Mobile App Development

Mobile and website development

Websites must have 3 basic things:- compelling user content, SE Optimizations, and modern UI/UX designs. Websites and mobile product development lifecycle can be a herculean task and you should entrust that in the hands of a team interested in the best outcome, that’s us 🙂

Influencer Marketing


Influencer Marketing is exciting and attention-growth driven. The right selection, true engagements, images/videos, that fit right into a digital campaign is a key part that contributes to the success of the campaign.

Digital Marketing


A good digital marketing strategy gets your products and services into the hands of your target market. It is not just social media. Digital campaigns are huge investments that would largely lead to brand resonance and gaining brand equity in new or existing markets. Share a brief, let’s have a crack at it.

Twitter Trend Services

Twitter trends and engagement

Twitter trends or engagements are a great way to trend with your brand, campaign, product, or service with over 5000 to 10,000 conversations generated on Twitter. The benefit of this is numerous:- visibility, reach, twitter page growth, social selling, sales, and website visits.

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    Online/Offline Media Buying

    Paid Media

    Running ads on Radio &TV, Google or social media can be done by anyone at any point in time. However, paid media specialists, have the know-how to schedule ads, target audiences, and acquire the best ad placements, LPMs, Jingles, Keywords for maximum impact. Let us help you buy media today!

    Online/Offline Media Buying

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    Our Custom Website & Mobile App Process

    • Briefing & Agreement
    • Idea & Concept
    • Design & Create
    • Build & Install

    We share a brief for the client to fill upon request. This helps us understand their needs better before we analyze what digital assets, plans, or tools they currently have available that contribute to their campaign, or the project. This enhances the design thinking for creative works and the site architecture & content plan for our website and mobile app development.

    Our team goes on to brainstorm marketing campaigns ideas, marketing channels, and budgets in cases when it is related to marketing campaign roll-outs. In terms of mobile and website development, we develop wireframes and think through the overall website schema to ensure that technical aspects of the product, as well as the UI/UX, are all integrated.

    Custom mobile and website plans always have the workshop phase when the client partakes in the concept and feature discussions. In our experience, we have observed that workshops allow clients the chance to make valuable input which reduces time-spent on feedback. This also results in developing a product that the client is in love with!

    We design and create! The ideas come to life finally, this is bounced off the client for feedback or approval.

    Various factors are considered before installs are implemented. The overall analysis is mostly done in the beginning and then once we are ready to go live, the resources where we provided them, are properly documented for the client’s and subsequent developer’s use in the future. This will be done either in Swagger or Postman.