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Websites that have lead magnets and a funnel approach

"If clients must decide to spend money, they will always choose not to"
So build a site that would convert users to leads, then you get sales eventually.

funnel approach
landing page

When you run an ad to a page that has no lead magnets, unless they have called you offline, you will hardly ever know who came.

It is not enough to measure visit duration, engagement, pages per visit only.

Other companies are measuring number of webinar registrants vrs number of webinar attendees, number of downloads per page, Number of Offer requests per month etc...


Your landing page must have a funnel. Lead magnets right from the first view down to the other contents on the body which are targeted at one goal; which is convincing the user to give you their data.


Ads that are run by your business must be connected to an email marketing tool or an inbound marketing tool if you plan on making use of the data to cross-sell or upsell.


It all starts with a form, websites or landing page. Once a user gets the information they require about a product, they are pushed from the awareness and research stage to making a decision. This must happen right on your page for faster conversion.

How does this work?

Landing Page Attributes

The design, the framework, images and thought process map takes users step by step on the page.

Your Offer & Product

First off, the product you sell must be desirable. It should be one that is needed. Second, the offer on the website should be compelling and one that the user will be willing to give data for.

Our Scarcity Techniques

We ensure that there is an offer to nudge the users to become a lead and then eventually become a customer.

Capture leads on your site.

Landing pages and websites are largely built to have images and text content without any thinking that has a funnel approach:- ATTRACT, INTEREST, DESIRE & ACTION.

These 4 things should answer the users’ questions, compare options for them, influence their decision to buy from you and encourge them that the spend is not in vain.

Generate leads from various sources such as social media, display ads, search ads and other refferal sites.


GHc 3500
Basic Web Package

Domain and 1year Hosting
1 Year Free SSL
Up to 5 Email IDs
Clean copyright free images
SE Optimizations
Content Provided by Client
Integration of WhatsApp Chatbot
(No ECommerce)

GHc 3000
Revamping Package

Website Analytics Support
Page content updates
Google Analytics Integration
Chatbot Integration
Page Optimization
Content and Image changes
T&C Apply

GHc 6000
Inbound Website

Free Logo Design
Domain and 1year Hosting
1 Year Free SSL
Up to 30 Email IDs
2 month Free Maintenance
Lead Magnets
Content clean up
Page content updates
Google Analytics
Chatbot Integration
SE Optimizations
Social Media set-up and Integration
(No Photoshoot)
Forms & Trip Wires (where needed)


Custom Websites.

Request for a custom website by sending us 2-3 preamble sites that we can evaluate. Then we can discuss the cost of developing such a website for your business or brand.

Mobile Apps

For both iOs and Android apps that you would want to be developed for your brand, get in touch with us to discuss and initiate research in the industry category as well as aiding our UI/UX design of the concept.

  • Free 2D Marketing Animation video added after development to aid marketing
  • Responsive Webapp
App development

Check out our work

Wanna see what we have done before? We have designed and written content for these brands


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. We build normal websites with clean layout and features according to the content and images you provide.  We will implement the best practices on the site without reservations.

It takes us a month to make the inbound website live and usable. There are a number of things that we will create along with your team to make this process fast and simple to execute.

Yes, we do provide ;ead generation services. You can see our prices on the website. You pay for the subscription fee to the lead management tool and we initiate with your leads. If they are cold leads, we clean them up and start the process. It takes much time, however, we will ensure that the funnel is used to your best advantage.

If you start a campaign, then the hot leads are the best option for nurturing and that must start immediately. We can come in to integrate and start lead nurturing for your business for the ones who do not become customers at onec.

Our lead nurturing services are retainer based. 

However, our inbound websites are one-off payments. Unless, you subscribe to web management services which is a retainer based subscribtion for 1 year.


Get leads and nurture them to make sales.

If you run a tailored campaign, leads should not be wasted. 1-6 months down the line, leads that do not convert may find the funds for your product or service. 

We can help you make money with your website from today!


WHO WE ARE – A young mixed group of digital and creative minds who understand what works in Africa and the strategies that will win.

HOW WE STARTED – We started with a team of two ladies working from the house. Now we are a team of seven from Ghana and Nigeria. (We are still proudly remote)

WORKING WITH BUDGETS – Let us discuss strategies that fall within your budget. We have, however, learnt not to compromise on the inputs that guarantees efficiency and output.

WHAT’S FOR FREE – Join our webinars every Saturday morning from 10 am to 11 am. For tips on how to grow your business.


Other Media

Creative design

Get reliable creative designs and social media management starting at GHC 4500 per month.

100K Impressions

Brochure design for zarian Homes

We design brochures for your business, Google Ad sets, signages, etc..

Google Ad Banner

Get insights on how you are doing against your competitors.

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